I come from a tiny village in Tuscany where I’ve developed a passion for art since my childhood. I’ve always loved to draw and to be creative with my hands. After graduating from an artistic high school, spending three years studying and working as a beautician, I decided to move to Barcelona where I attended the prestigious makeup school Stick Art Studio in 2009. The city, the school and the culture completely transformed my vision of life. The light, the colours and textures opened my mind. Thanks to the ten months training, I have gained enough confidence and skills to start my professional career. I quickly worked freelance for model agencies, magazines and independent photographers, learning my ways in fashion shows and in the advertisement world.

Two years later, I’ve decided to move to Paris where I became part of the MAKE UP FOR EVER team in the flagship store that opened in 2011 in the trendy area of ‘Le Marais’. This new experience has allowed me to learn new techniques and to know what it is to work with higher profile personalities on bigger events. I have been absorbing the magic of the city and picking up on the french ‘savoir faire’. I also took the opportunity to share my skills by giving Makeup classes and to explore more about body painting.

In 2013, I felt the inspiration to move to London to broaden my knowledge as the artistic scene seemed very interesting. I joined the Givenchy team where I have had the chance to adapt to the dynamic of the city. In 2015, MAKE UP FOR EVER offered to hire me to help opening their first branch in the UK. I then left Givenchy as it seemed interesting to me to be part of something new for a company that I already knew so well. Simultaneously, I was working freelance for short films, magazines, fashion shows, music videos and advertisement companies. The atmosphere of London is incredible, I have loved the vibrant energy, the mix of culture and this touch that combines modern and old seamingly in one.

These experiences across Europe have made me become much more competent in so many different domains. At this point, I’ve decided to go back to my beloved Tuscany where I am currently working for different fashion stylists, photographers and hair stylists. I also work for a luxury wedding agency based in Florence.


Stick Art Studio – 2009/2010


Make Up For Ever Paris- 2011/2013

Team member

Ghivency U.K- 2013/2014

Team member

Make Up For Ever U.K- 2015

Team member

Freelancer – 2016/2017

Short films, bridal and private make-up sessions

Freelancer -2017/2018